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and welcome to my website.

I am an upcoming author of lesbian fiction in the romantic comedy genre.

This blog is a space to share my work, my thoughts and all the things I love with you.

A place to grow as a writer.

Let's go on an adventure together ♡

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The Drag Queen mug of your dreams

One of the best presents I received for Christmas 2019 was a mug by Fizz Creations with... wait for it...

You'll never believe it...

CUSTOMISABLE STICKERS! Stickers, stickers and more STICKERS! (And an extra duplicate pack too.)

It's literally one of the best mugs I have ever owned. Not only do you get to customise TWO Queens, it also features a very posh gold rim and handle for that extra bit of class.

They wash pretty well too, the stickers stay in place (aside from the odd corner which has lifted) but the beauty is, once your Queens are starting to look a little tired, you can make some brand new ones.

Amazing, right?

Here are my creations so far:

The mugs are available to buy (in the UK), should you wish to create your own, at a bargain price of £8.49. Or why not buy one for your drag-queen-fanatic-friend for Christmas? I did!

Get your very own customisable mug here.

The only downside is that there could be a few more stickers of accessories and words.


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