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The L Word: Generation Q - Episodes 3 and 4

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Well, well, well. Episodes 3 and 4 certainly exposed many a revelation.


How very restrained of me, to allow myself only two episodes a week of this glorious show when there is a risk of spoilers every single day on ALL social media platforms.

You're probably thinking 'Why don't you just watch the whole lot already, Rosy? Duh!' The thing is, I have a long-standing high school friend who comes over every Wednesday for dinner and a catch-up, and we end the night by watching some sort of show or movie together - how civilised of us. Our go-to tends to be something light-hearted... such as Wentworth Prison or The Handmaid's Tale, for example.

Only kidding - I'm fully aware that these are far from upbeat, BUT they are, however, bloody fantastic viewing, and we are highly anticipating the return of both this year. If you haven't watched either yet... are you okay, hun?

Anyway, I digress. My friend and I both LOVE The L Word and it was clearly the obvious choice when we were searching for something new to watch following our conclusion of Fleabag *ahem* for the second time *ahem*. What awful news when I discovered that Phoebe Waller-Bridge wasn't going to do another series? I mean... why? WHYYYYY???

They manage to pack so much into every episode of The L Word that when I sat down to write this review last week, I didn't know where to begin.

So how about we start by delving into my first post's predictions because I think I did a pretty good job, to be honest. Let's take a look shall we:

I see a potential affair between Bette and Dani

Their relationship is certainly building and Dani has thrown Bette many a deep-and-meaningful stare thus far. Not that Bette has noticed... but she will, I guarantee it. They're getting closer with every episode and the speech that Dani gave Bette - after finding out that Bette had accidentally swapped phones with Felicity the morning after their secret rendezvous at the hotel, which Dani saw and didn't seem too happy about - was a beautifully emotional scene. Dani clearly has strong feelings for Bette; I wonder if she has realised or accepted them yet?

After collecting Bette's phone from Felicity, Bette can see that Dani isn't impressed with the whole situation and tells Dani that she's 'pretty sure she has course-corrected worse when she was working for her father'. Dani slams back with this:

"I was numb when I worked for him. Ever since I met you, I can feel things. And what I had to do today, it didn't make me feel good. I have given up too much to be here; my career, my relationship with my father, and the energy that I have spent on you instead of my fiancé... it's unforgivable really. And I'm fine making those sacrifices for someone that I believe in but I just don't understand how you can throw everything away for some woman. Is this your MO? You do something great and then you fuck up?"


Dani seems to have grasped Bette's characteristics rather well, and Bette has finally met her match in Dani. She's like Bette's secret hero - saving her from herself and her bad decisions - it makes their blossoming relationship endearing to watch.

On a side-note, I have to say that I am really loving Dani's character; she's feisty, headstrong, capable and sexy with it - her wardrobe is stunning too. Her and Bette would make the ultimate power couple, in my opinion. So stay tuned with this prediction because I'm one hundred per cent certain that it's going to happen, and if it doesn't, then I will eat my hat (but obviously I won't because, well, IBS. No foreign objects thank you).

Followed by Dani breaking up with Sophie as a result

Well, this hasn't happened yet but again, I'm one hundred per cent certain that it will. I personally feel like they are a bit too different. I know opposites attract but there needs to be some kind of balance in a relationship and I don't think they have it.

We also found out that Dani had fears and reservations due to Sophie dumping her previous girlfriend for her the night that they met during an intimate bathtub scene (cute) which explains why Dani had been a bit standoffish. However, if she felt like that, why did she propose? I guess we all do things impulsively, but as I said, I don't think they're well suited.

Sophie is a great character, though. I love that she tells it how it is, and her friendship with Finley is adorable. They have great banter and I really enjoy their scenes together.

Shane buys the old Planet bar and refurbishes it into the best (and only) les bar in town (and gets it on with current bar manager, Lena)

Yes, yes and YES! And how touching that Shane named the bar 'Dana's'? That was my favourite scene from the two episodes.

I'm not keen on Lena's character. She's known Shane for a grand total of five seconds and she's already talking to her like they're Romeo and Juliet. Little does she know that Shane doesn't feel the same because she's still in love with her wife/ex-wife... who Lena has no clue about... because she's known Shane for five seconds.

On a side-note - I'm not sure if that bar actually is what used to be The Planet. I read somewhere that it was but watching these episodes, I'm not so sure and I cannot find any information about it. If anybody can shed some light, I'd love to know.

Tina comes for a visit (okay that was in the ONE spoiler I saw on Instagram. I tried to scroll past, but there’s not much you can do when you can clearly see Bette hugging her)

Hasn't happened yet but I know it's definitely coming. *Smug*

Alice gets close to her girlfriend's ex-wife, Gigi, and something happens between them

Well... that sure happened, didn't it? It was quite unexpected that all three of them were involved, I must say. I feel like the old Alice wouldn't have done this if she was really in love with someone - which makes me think she's not really into Nat as much as she thinks. Let's take a look at past evidence...

  • She was super jealous/emotional when Dana became friends with ex-girlfriend Lara, and it took her months to get over losing her when she decided to leave Alice for her.

  • Even though she fancied Jamie too, Alice was super jealous/emotional again when she found out Tasha liked her too and wanted more.

  • And let's not even get into Gabby Deveaux.

So, what's her deal? I know people can change but I feel that if you're madly in love with someone, you don't generally want to share them with anyone else... especially their ex. (Or is that just me?) I guess we will find out her stance on the matter as the series goes on, but I can't see this having a happy ending for at least one of them. Or will it?

Angie kisses her best friend, Jordi and they fall out as a result

It hasn't happened yet - but I'm positive she will kiss her now that we have had confirmation from that school bully when she referred to Angie as 'Ange-munch'. Rude.

Bette is wanted by everyone again (Dani, Felicity, Tina, the rest of the L.A. population)

Well, yes. Obviously. So far this is all true. We're just awaiting the arrival of the other ladies.

Alice interviews a huge celebrity (hopefully Kate McKinnon or Ellen or Kristen Stewart)

Not who I'd wished for, but the whole interview with Megan Rapinoe was entertaining, especially when Alice asks Megan about her coming out story - after a photo of a young tomboy Megan appears on a screen behind them - and continues with 'If you could say anything to that little kid what would you say?' and Megan replies 'You’re gay! Obviously you’re a big lesbian'.

I also enjoyed the entire scene where Alice was made to interview Bette's political opposer, Eric Garcetti, much to her dismay. But she did it... alla Alice; she grills him, she asks awkward personal questions, she puts him in his place and then she pokes fun at him in her subtle, sarcastic way. Bravo.

Micah... I'm unsure what's in store for him but I hope it's something nice after the disaster storyline with Max in the original show

Well, it's not going that great for him so far... and what is Jose's secret?! I have to be honest, I am finding Micah's storyline a bit boring. I need something juicy. All that's happened in four episodes is that he met and fell for Jose and is unsure if Jose likes him due to his hot and cold behaviour. I'm sure there's more to Micah than just Jose, isn't there?

The most interesting thing that we have discovered is that Micah and Dani used to date before he transitioned. What about his family? Surely there's something more. Anything?

Shane’s wife comes for a visit and they rekindle

And what a 'Happy birthday' it was for poor heartbroken Shane. (How smokin' hot is Quiara by the way? WOW! What an entrance.)

I still think they will rekindle, they're too hot together not to. Though we did find out that the reason for their divorce is due to Quiara wanting children and Shane not wanting them. That's a bit of a difficult situation to be in and I'm not sure how they're going to resolve that one unless one of them agrees with the other. But who will that be?

I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that Shane fell head over heels in love with someone enough to marry them (poor Carmen). It just goes to show that when you find 'the one', everything changes.

Finley becomes best friends with Shane and reveals a dark trauma from her past which explains her need to intoxicate herself before a sexual encounter (my friend's analogy)

Well, we are getting there. Her emotional outburst when she was sat in a Catholic church was a sad moment and I really want to know what happened to her in the past. It's going to be horrible but brilliant, I'm sure.

It's a shame that she hurt Rebecca's feelings by saying that she wasn't a real priest in a real church whilst drunk at the end of episode 4, and I want to know why she thinks that.

They are quite sweet together but again, I'm not so sure they're right for each other.

Perhaps a cameo appearance from original babes Helena Peabody and Carmen De La Pica Morales? (I love saying her name). What about a little hello from Peggy Peabody? Surely Kit will pop in to see her niece? (Wishful thinking regarding the entirety of this prediction)

OH. MY. WORDDDDDD!!! KIT IS DEAD! That was utterly heartbreaking.

I must admit, she wasn't my favourite character in the original show but she did bring a level of sass and I loved how she used to have everyone's back and took zero shit from anybody. I really admired her character for that.

What I want to know is, why are they killing the originals off one by one? I know it works great for Bette's storyline, but I'm not sure I'm liking all this awful news - I genuinely didn't see that one coming. It made me gasp... and it usually takes a lot to get a dramatic reaction from me.

Apparently, it was from a heroin overdose - surely not? Kit had issues with alcohol, not drugs.

I hope we get to hear the rest of the story behind that because I don't want to believe that that's her ending. It must be deeper than that. R.I.P. Kit Porter.

Shane decides that her door is ridiculously and unnecessarily big, and is fed up of boxing every day on her balcony in order to gain muscle to open said door. She eventually buys a new apartment with a normal-sized door.

I mean, we didn't see her near the door in these two episodes so I'm not sure where she currently stands on that matter. Perhaps she has decided that her apartment doors are light as a feather in comparison to her new bar's doors and is therefore happy enough to put up with them for now.

Drama, drama, drama.

To conclude episodes 3 and 4, here are some of my favourite moments:

Favourite scene:

Aside from the reveal of 'Dana's' bar, I absolutely loved the entire scene with Bette and Shane getting high before Shane's surprise birthday party. That whole conversation was hilarious (apart from Bette talking about Felicity and Kit and realising a few things about herself - not so funny). Bette and Shane are one of my favourite things about The L Word - past and present. They have such an amazing, caring and honest friendship and considering they are both polar opposites, it really works.

Bette: Did you ever think you would be spending your fortieth birthday with a middle-aged lesbian and no chance of sex?

Shane: *sighs* I wish you'd have told me you were a lesbian, you're so secretive.

Also, can you believe that Jennifer Beals (aka Bette) is fifty-six years old? FIFTY-SIX!

Favourite line:

"I got divorced on my birthday!" - Shane

Hottest scene:

Those few seconds of Dani and Sophie dancing together at Shane's party. Sideboob, that's all I'm saying.

Least believable scene:

When Sophie asks Alexa to play (a Spanish song with a ridiculously long title) and Alexa replies with 'Okay'.

Right, first of all, Alexa has never said 'okay' to anybody in my experience. And secondly, I got my mum an Alexa for her birthday last year and she asked for - in a British accent so that Alexa would understand, may I add - a well-known Italian song. And do you know what happened? Nothing. Alexa understood nothing.

Okay, let's end this post with some new predictions:

  • Alice, Nat and Gigi are going to enter a polyamorous relationship.

  • Jose is going to have family issues and that's why he's being so secretive. Or maybe he has a boyfriend who is terminally ill and that's why he's being distant all of a sudden.

  • Something interesting happens with Micah, hopefully.

  • Shane and her wife get back together. They destroy their divorce papers - or annul them or whatever you have to do with 'official' signed documents - because Quiara decides that she loves Shane more than anything and will sacrifice having children for her.

  • Lena ends up with nobody because she's naughty. And Tess sacks her from the bar - if she has that power. Or she will set her up to be sacked. (Though I'm not sure if I can see Tess being that level of mean, so we will see).

  • Finley opens up to Rebecca after apologising for her drunken offensive accusation when she said that Rebecca wasn't a real priest in a real church. But she probably messes it up again. As I said, I'm not sure they are quite right for one another.

  • Bette wins the election and becomes Mayor of L.A.

  • Tina FINALLY appears on our screens.

  • I was going to predict that Bette and Tina will get it on but I'm now debating whether that will happen. I like the idea of it (I always loved their sex scenes in the original show) but I prefer the possibility of Dani and Bette together... UNLESS, Tina and Bette have a thing, but it means nothing? Or one of them tries it on but the other backs off? Or maybe they are happy enough just being friends and co-parents now? Hmm, who knows. I'm completely stumped on that one.

ROSY'S RATING: Still a solid 9/10

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