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The L Word: Generation Q - Episodes 5 and 6



(Screamed in the style of pre-Gen Q Bette.)

She's finally here! I couldn't help but feel nostalgic when Bette opened her front door and we were greeted by an unexpected Tina - and I'm happy to report that Tina, is of course, alive and well, unlike some of the other original cast members.

Let's get straight into the previous predictions shall we:

Alice, Nat and Gigi are going to enter a polyamorous relationship.


Jose is going to have family issues and that's why he's being so secretive. Or maybe he has a boyfriend who is terminally ill and that's why he's being distant all of a sudden.

We're still waiting to find out what his deal is. Come on already.

Something interesting happens with Micah, hopefully.

Umm... well, we found out that Micah hasn't had bottom surgery and he and Jose got a little more intimate when Micah let Jose touch him down there - something that Micah has never let anybody do before. It was a sweet addition of ultimate trust to their growing relationship and Jose admitted that he loved Micah too. So we got a little something more from Micah but it's still mainly revolving around Jose. More, please.

Shane and her wife get back together. They destroy their divorce papers - or annul them or whatever you have to do with 'official' signed documents - because Quiara decides that she loves Shane more than anything and will sacrifice having children for her.

Right. Well. They're back together by the end of episode six, however, much to my surprise, Shane ends up turning the whole situation around by agreeing to be a mother/co-parent to an already pregnant Quiara. I genuinely did not see that one coming. I thought Shane was pretty conclusive with her decision on children. Though, as soon as we saw Shane and Quiara spending time with Angie, the implication was there. But how long will this change of heart last? I can't help but think all's not going to end well.

I loved this hilarious little conversation between Shane, Bette and Alice:

Shane - Quiara wants to be with me... but she doesn’t need me to raise her kid.

Bette - What does that even mean?

Shane - I’ve no idea.

Alice - I think that’s what I do.

I mean, how is that even going to work?!

Lena ends up with nobody because she's naughty. And Tess sacks her from the bar - if she has that power. Or she will set her up to be sacked. (Though I'm not sure if I can see Tess being that level of mean, so we shall see.)

I knew Tess wouldn't be mean. Lena just left. She sent a text to Tess to apologise for 'everything' but it's not good enough really, is it? Poor Tess, she's gotten herself in a bit of a mess and has started drinking again after being sober for two years. I got the feeling that Lena was her safety net when it came to her past alcoholism, so the fact that she just disappeared and left her to it sucks on her part. She should have been there for her.

I would love to know a bit more about Tess and her past. Maybe we will see more in season two.

And on the subject of Tess, can we all just take a moment to appreciate this absolute babe, Jamie Clayton everybody:

Finley opens up to Rebecca after apologising for her drunken offensive accusation when she said that Rebecca wasn't a real priest in a real church. But she probably messes it up again. As I said, I'm not sure they are quite right for one another.

We still don't know what happened in Finley's past and Rebecca ended things before Finley even had a chance to try to sort anything out. But I guess she needs to figure things out on her own. Personally, I thought 'Father Rebecca' could have been a little kinder and perhaps a bit more helpful too - she didn't need to 'fix' Finley's life but she could have gone into Minister mode and given her some advice or help or phone numbers for support - anything. I suppose she was a bit too involved with her to be impartial, but still.

We also got a slight glimpse into Finley's family life when she said that 'her mum is very cold' and when she phoned her equally cold dad after being shown the door by Rebecca, we discovered that he was at her sister's engagement party - which Finley knew nothing about - and then her dad abruptly ended the conversation when he said 'your mum is coming over so I'd better go.' Harsh.

Bette wins the election and becomes Mayor of L.A.

This will no doubt happen in the last episode.

Tina FINALLY appears on our screens.

YES SHE DID! Her relationship with Angie is adorable, I love how open and honest they are with one another. I do wonder why Angie tells Mama T more than she tells Mama B but perhaps that's due to Tina being around more than Bette was in the past if Bette was always working?

I was going to predict that Bette and Tina will get it on but I'm now debating whether that will happen. I like the idea of it (I always loved their sex scenes in the original show) but I prefer the possibility of Dani and Bette together... UNLESS, Tina and Bette have a thing, but it means nothing? Or one of them tries it on but the other backs off? Or maybe they are happy enough just being friends and co-parents now? Hmm, who knows. I'm completely stumped on that one.

We ended episode six with this beautiful little moment...

I wonder what will happen there because I still can't decide if they will or they won't.

Regarding my previous PREVIOUS predictions that still haven't happened...

  • I see a potential affair between Bette and Dani: I'm still patiently waiting.

  • Followed by Dani breaking up with Sophie as a result: (See above answer.)

  • Angie kisses her best friend, Jordi and they fall out as a result: THEY KISSED... and they didn't fall out, yay! Angie is seriously adorable and I'm so happy that Jordi feels the same way about her because I would have been very sad if she didn't.

What else do I want to say?

1. I'm glad Bette ended things with Felicity. I don’t think she truly loved her because it was too easy for Bette to let her go, despite the importance of running as Mayor for Kit. Bette's reasoning emitted sympathy as opposed to genuine love and as she had mentioned previously, it is because Felicity was there for Bette through Kit's turmoil and their connection was purely an emotional one. Sorry, Felicity. Also, please sort out your husband because he's terribly annoying and he is ruining Bette's whole campaign. Thanks.

2. Bette and Dani FINALLY have their first intimate connection. Okay, so it was just a hug, but it's got to start somewhere. Plus Dani was upset about her dad so, you know, extra deep.

They also had a very sweet moment when Dani was encouraging Bette to make a public speech following the disastrous 'pushing down the stairs' incident with Felicity's annoying husband. Bette wants to throw it all in but Dani is very persuasive...

"You pivot and you give the speech that only you can give. You have the power to change people… you changed me." (Said with her glistening puppy dog eyes.)

So Bette gave her heartfelt speech about the reason she was running and we find out the whole story surrounding Kit's death - nine months prior to her death, Kit was in a car accident and the doctor prescribed her a very powerful opioid painkiller and she became addicted to it because she was an addict. And no professional asked her and they should have because it is the one question that might have saved her.

I knew there had to be more to it. I knew it wasn't Kit's fault, that she wouldn't have let herself go down that destructive path again. How sad. I have no doubt that this happens too often in real life, which is what made this whole story feel very genuine.

3. I felt very proud of Dani for standing up to her dad and his strange, contradictory internal homophobia with his latest advice of a prenuptial agreement which states that any children that Sophie gives birth to will not be entitled to anything from Dani's side of the family. Daddy dearest starts by saying 'Daniela, if you were a man…' before Dani shuts him off, asks him why this is so difficult for him to understand, and slamming the envelope containing the prenup to his chest whilst informing him that this is not going to happen and shouting 'Fuck you' as she storms off. GO ON DANI! In your face, Papa.

4. The post threesome scene the next morning was hilarious; the kids want to come into the bedroom and Nat, Alice and Gigi all jump up in a state of panic. Nat's first impulse is to spray perfume around the room to mask the smell of sex in the air and Alice starts eating a plate of birthday cake as the other two continue panicking whilst getting dressed.

Okay, I'm done.

As always, let's conclude with some of my favourite moments:

Favourite scene:

When Tess and Finley work together for one night at Dana's bar. It was only a short scene but I adore their blossoming relationship/friendship.

Funniest scene:

The whole scene revolving around Angie's play was the best, particularly the beginning when Bette sees that Quiara is accompanying Shane and Shane, noticing Bette's puzzled expression, quickly declares 'Long story, can't talk'. Then Bette turns around and sees Alice with her two companions...

Bette - Oh hi, I didn’t expect the 3 of you?

Alice - Oh no-one's more surprised than me.

Favourite line:

"Why the fuck would I wear a gown?" - Gigi

When the throuple are discussing how they would deal with hypothetical scenarios regarding their relationship, such as the three of them getting ready for a red carpet event, putting on their gowns together.

Gigi is literally me. I can't tell you how many times I was left disappointed as a child when my mother would present me with a new dress. Thanks, mum.

Line I resonated with the most:

"Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to weigh the consequences of every decision that we make?" - Bette

Yes, Bette. It certainly would.

Hottest scene:

Without hesitation, Tess and Finley getting HOT under the collar. That gave me flutters - if you know what I mean.

Saddest scene:

When we found out that Tina didn't attend Kit's funeral. Okay, so you'd just split up/divorced but it's not like you left on hideous terms, and Kit was your family too. Even to be there for Angie's aunt would have been a nice gesture. As Bette said, that truly was a 'bullshit excuse'.

Most heartfelt scene:

Mama T hugging Mama B - their familiar intense Tibette embrace full of love, passion, heat, charm, nostalgia, warmth... I could go on.

I still can't get my head around the fact that Tina fell in love with someone else and left Bette. That's Bette Porter, Tina - you do know that, right? I completely understood her reasoning but Tibette was one of my all-time favourite things about The L Word. They were such a good pairing, despite their occasional differences (and I probably already mentioned this before but I will say it again - their sex scenes were something else).

Fans self.

Just look at them; they could never keep their hands off of one another...


Anyway, that's all for this week folks. What a rollercoaster these two episodes were and I'm awash with excitement for the final two episodes. Imagine what they're going to pack into those two final hours?!

New predictions for the grand finale of season one:

  • Dani ends things with Sophie and tells Bette that she's falling for her and they kiss

  • Micah gives us something about himself other than Jose

  • Sophie ends up kissing Finley and they possibly become a couple, ready for a new season two relationship - they're getting VERY close and Sophie muttered 'Everybody loves you, you’re the best part of my day'. Mm-hmm. Will a relationship between them be a bit awkward considering that they are such good 'bro' friends or will it be a case of 'Monica and Chandler' syndrome?

  • Lena and Tess get back together (Tess can do better, in my opinion)

  • Shane realises that she has actually agreed to be a mother and gets cold feet... and if the old Shane crops up, she's bound to do something damaging. Yikes!

  • Bette and Tina don't get it on (as much as I hope they do)

  • Angie and Jordi make things official and become girlfriends

  • Finley has it out with one of her family members and we FINALLY find out what happened to her when she was younger

  • Alice, her two girlfriends and their two kids live happily ever after - and even welcome a litter of puppies and/or kittens as an addition to their fairytale relationship. (Well, someone's got to have a happy ending.)

ROSY'S RATING - still a firm 9/10

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